In 1973 The Pancake Bakery opened its doors in the former 17th century VOC warehouse, situated on Prinsengracht 191. Soon it became the pleasant and cosy restaurant which it still is today, a place where both young and old feel at home right away.

The building called ‘Hoop’ (Hope) is one of the three buildings that were all in possession of the powerful and prosperous Dutch East India Company (VOC), from left to right ‘Geloof’ (‘Faith’), ‘Hoop’ and ‘Liefde’ (‘Love’). In this Dutch Golden Age Calvinism was at its peak, and faith and business often went hand in hand. From this point of view the names of these warehouses are not unusual. The buildings are situated on the Prinsengracht (Prince’s canal), named after the Prince of Orange, and form part of the well known Amsterdam Canal District.

The features of the ‘Hoop’ building have been saved and can still be experienced in the nostalgic atmosphere of our restaurant. The Pancake Bakery manages to have the extraordinary and culinary influences of the past echoed in its kitchen. On our menu you will therefore find, next to the traditional Dutch favourites, many international influences.